Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buy backlinks? Take it easy

There are a number of webmasters who have made this mistake that has damaged their reputation with Google. This has made their page ranking go lower than the others. To understand the conflict, you will need to understand Google’s position on links. When the concept of backlinks was devised, it was not there for sale but later on people started to buy backlinks to increase their search engine rankings.

Google’s take on buy backlinks: Google is almost the king of web space and has the most popular search engine. Now it is important to understand the take of Google on buying backlinks. It is a point to be noted that Google analyzed that buying backlinks is of no value because companies are exchanging hyperlinks just to help themselves. This is not done for the purpose of helping the visitors but just trying to increase traffic in their own websites.

Make your purchase quietly: It is better to use a reputable company with proven results for the purpose of buying backlinks. This will offer you free incoming links for your website. The web has a number of websites from where you can buy backlinks without even paying for them. There are almost 200 authority sites where you can get “do follow” links completely for free. But you cannot always trust on free websites because the quality of backlinks will not be as good as the ones that you have bought. Therefore, you will have to find resources from where you can buy backlinks at cheaper costs.


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